Leonidas Panagiotou

Leonidas Panagiotou

Leonidas Panagiotou is a BACP accredited and qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist working in an Integrative way, supporting individuals who deal with various issues that impact their everyday life and wish to make a positive change in their lives, working both In-Person and Online.

Leonidas has trained in the Integrative approach and more specifically the Psychodynamic (Freudian and Kleinian theories mainly), Humanistic (Rogerian theory mainly, but not solely) and Existential approaches (Heidegger, Husserl, Jean-Paul Sartre and others). He is working in a psychodynamic way, which regards exploring, with the client, past experiences and childhood but also relationships that the client has formed throughout life and they find as important. In the light of this, he works using Sigmund Freud’s theory and concepts of transference and counter-transference but also Melanie Klein’s object relation theory. At the same time, he looks at the ‘here and now’ and is open to the client’s current life and what issues bring them to therapy and how the past has influenced the now. Rogerian principles and core values of empathy and unconditional positive regard form the basis of his therapy model.

Before becoming a therapist, he was a Nurse with a Diploma in Nursing, but felt the need to support patients in a different way through building a more therapeutic relationship with them. He continued his studies and graduated from an MSc in Psychology and later continued with a Certificate and an MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Throughout the years he has worked in organisations like ‘Mind, ‘Place2Be’ and ‘HNG Stress Project’ offering support to individuals dealing with various issues like isolation, depression, anxiety, bereavement and others. Leonidas has built the skills needed to be in this profession, like empathy and the ability to listen to the client closely and be next to them in their journey. He has also worked with both children and adults in a diverse caseload and is continuing his academic career with a Certificate in Clinical Supervision for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Being an accredited member of BACP, he is abiding to the BACP Ethical Framework and is always looking up to being a highly competent professional.

In the light of this he has attended various Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activities like:

  • Advanced Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: CBT for Challenging Clients - 2018
  • Men and Therapy (key approaches to working with men) - 2018
  • Mindfulness - 2018
  • Life Coaching - 2017
  • Domestic Abuse: Basic Awareness Training - 2017
  • Addiction Training: Breaking Negative Patterns - 2017
  • Kick Negative Habits, Compulsive Behaviours and OCD - 2016
  • Understanding anxiety, depression and CBT - 2016
  • Caring for people with psychosis and schizophrenia – 2016
  • Online Therapy – Online Therapy Institute (2015)
  • Trauma Therapy - 2015
  • Suicide Risk Assessment - 2015
  • Supervision in therapy – 2015

Leonidas has a strong sense of cultural differences and respect for diversity and has worked with individuals from various cultural backgrounds, ethnicity, religion and race seeing how everyone is different in their own, unique way, and I learned to respect it.

Diversity is not an issue, but if it something that the client feels impacted, then he is inviting them to discuss it with him.

Receiving support and having someone to talk to, in a confidential space, about difficult feelings in a setting which inspires safety and security, goes a long way for everyone.

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